Manas Pandey, Convenor 6th CNLU PD and 7th CNLU PD

by Manas | Testimonies8th CNLU PD | Sept 16th, 2016


" CNLU PD is extremely close to my heart as I had the privilege of convening the 6th and 7th edition of the PD which gave me some of my best memories in CNLU. When I joined college, we were all told about the CNLU PD (erstwhile Late Shilesh Chandra Mishra National PD) and how it started and became a tradition in CNLU. Debating as an activity thrilled me in college and we were lucky to have some amazing seniors who contributed immensely in promoting and encouraging young kids like me to venture and explore the same. With practice and experience, my friend Sapre decided to revive the CNLU PD however he believed that tradition is a guide and not a jailor. 5th CNLU PD, I believe was his honest effort which went a long way in shaping where CNLU PD has now reached. The best part about CNLU PD was that it brought the like-minded people who wanted to contribute positively together that we now happily (or ironically) call Paradox - The CNLU Debating Society.


Jalaj Pandey - Semi finalist 8th CNLU PD

by Jalaj | Nostalgic Memories 8th CNLU PD | Sept 16th, 2016


"With a bomb to win in the prize money and an exceptional hospitality, CNLU PD is definitely the place you should be at. There are people who see debating as an activity and there are ones who see it as a kind of culture. The tremendous effort that CNLU Org. Comm. puts in, just makes it so aptly clear how inherently linked they are to the culture of debating. Right from tabbing to taking care of the last minute problems, they make everything work so smoothly. I reached the Semi finals of the tournament last year and loved every bit of it. So to experience crazy debates, good food and mellow nights, don’t forget to be at the #9thCNLUPD."


Yaswant Singh Convenor 8th CNLU PD

by | Nostalgic Memories 8th CNLU PD | Sept 16th, 2016


Ours is the story of people waking up the entire night making trips to station and airport and making sure every team is personally received the moment they step in Patna. We were never a debating powerhouse, but ours is the story of students running around the entire day to make sure that everybody had exactly what they needed. It's a story of those students who are ready to give an entire semester to settle the finance of an event even after it is done. Our story is the story of how every time a passionate, new DebSoc is working towards big goals and it faces problems - Someone from the circuit will always be there to help. I don't know what is the story of magical things, but this was our story and trust me it was magical.


Shrivastava Anupam Prabhat student of law at Central University of South Bihar, Gaya who experienced Parliamentary Debating for the first time at the #8thCNLUPD

by Anupam | Nostalgic Memories 8th CNLU PD | Sept 16th, 2016


"My experience at the #8thCNLUPD was such a memorable one, I will never forget it. It was wonderful, as I participated for the first time in a National Parliamentary Debate where some great debaters and adjudicators came and showed excellent eloquence.
I have two major takeaways from the tournament. First, the level of debating and adjudication that we had in the tournament was just and fair, not only for me and my team but also for all the teams which participated in the tournament. The second, the kind of hospitality CNLU provided! It was really unique. It was much more than my expectations and exemplary for other institution which organise such events. The Organising Committee was helpful towards every participant. I, along with my teammates, congratulate CNLU on making the event interesting and successful! I would like to thank CNLU for giving me such an unforgettable experience!


Kanak Kataria, ex-JMC and semi-finalist at the 8th CNLU National Parliamentary Debate.

by Kanak | Nostalgic Memories 8th CNLU PD | Sept 16th, 2016


"To be honest, I ended up coming for the #8thCNLUPD because my friend Shubhankar Choudhary had been raving about how much fun he had at the #7thCNLUPD for the entirety of the one year I'd known him back then. Little did I know that a seemingly random plan towards which my overall attitude couldn't have been described more positively than 'meh' would turn out to be an experience I'd prize as one of my favourite debating experiences. I've rarely met an OrgComm as enthusiastic and warm as the one at CNLU. But it'd be unfair to only speak of how welcoming the OrgComm was; their efficiency was remarkable. From the adj test which bombed them with some unforeseeable problems to organizing a spectacular break night (in a dry state, mind you)- I can't even imagine the amount of dedication and hard-work put in by the team.



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