Hello Debaters! This year we bring to you the 9 TH Edition of the Chanakya National Law University National Parliamentary Debate. The much awaited event is slated to take place from 13 TH to 15 TH October, 2017. Here in CNLU, we follow the Asian Parliamentary Debate style of debating. The National Parliamentary Debate at CNLU has a rich history. The event achieved new heights in its 6 TH Edition in 2014, before pushing the bar higher and achieving greater heights in its 7 TH Edition in 2015. The tournament went a step further and hosted International teams in its 8 TH Edition in 2016 and it was to say the least, a grand success. It has been the most celebrated event here in CNLU and Paradox, our Debating Society has been instrumental in ensuring its success.


Paradox, the Debating Society of CNLU, Patna is one of the very few Debating Societies in the country, which runs purely on the passion of the Debaters in the University. It is quite informal and is still the most functioning Student Committees of the Institution. Each and every person who is a part of Paradox, knows what it feels like and it is duly translated into the way our National Parliamentary Debate is hosted each year. The Debating Society takes every possible step to provide the participants of our National Parliamentary Debate with something new, each time they visit our University. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our guests have an engaging time as long as they are here. The ambience of our National Parliamentary Debates is fantastic and it is the best a speaker can ask for at any Debate.

Our National Parliamentary Debate also offers the participants to enjoy themselves while they are here, other than being involved in extremely challenging rounds of Debating. It is truly an unforgettable experience for each individual who attends it as they get to witness an event running almost completely on debating passion as quite often the Debates carry on well into the dead of night. Moreover, the CNLU National Parliamentary Debates are known for their hospitality all over the country and we promise, you would love to witness it, once you are here. Another thing which has made our National Parliamentary Debate quite popular is our vibrant break-night parties. Be rest assured people, this year too, you will be having a great time in that space.

We have always had an experienced team of Core Adjudicators in our National Parliamentary Debates. In the past, they have comprised people like Mr. Vipul Nanda, Prasoon Bhaiyya, among other noted Adjudicators. This year too we shall bring to you an experienced team of Core Adjudicators in Adhiraj Mukerji, Prasoon Bhaiyya (yes he’s back) and Taufique Shoogufan. The standard of debating at the CNLU National Parliamentary Debates is extremely high and one needs to push himself/herself to the hilt to ensure his/her success. With Rs 1.85 Lakh at stake, it is for you Debaters to get ready for an exhilarating experience this October.

Something which adds zip to our National Parliamentary Debates is the huge diversity of our motions. The dozens of Debates which take place at our event are on motions which have a really wide ambit and it will surely test all your skills other than those of oratory, delivery and conviction. The motions are really testing given that they are quite unconventional and are usually pinned from various sectors of society. Moreover, this year we also have a variety of sub-themes for our National Parliamentary Debate and they shall keep you hooked at every point of the event.

So Debaters, get ready to be challenged and refuted only so that you can shoot back with your words. See you this October and be set to have your minds blown away. You all should definitely have the most enthralling time here in CNLU and from our end we’ll give it all that it takes to ensure that is one of the better if not the best Debate you have been to so far. Cheers!


There were around 26 teams of various Institutions from all over the country who had been part of the 6 TH CNLU National Parliamentary Debate. It was in many ways the PD which gave us a greater identity in the nation. The College went ahead with its set of aspirations and saw the fruition of its ideas in a befitting way. The tournament witnessed high-octane clashes and the Cross Team from Delhi University lifted the trophy.


  • Delhi University, Delhi


That number went up to 38 in the 7 TH Edition, which took place in 2015 and it was undoubtedly an enriching time for all who were present. A unique feature of the 7 TH CNLU National Parliamentary Debate was that it had teams participating from both the Kolkata and the Delhi circuits respectively. It was certainly a rare as well as an exciting occurrence. The final took place between St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and Kirorimal College, Delhi, with the former emerging champions.


  • St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata


The 8 TH edition was one where the CNLU PD added another feather to its cap. It hosted teams from international institutions, as has been mentioned above and there was a well-contested tournament to witness for Debate lovers. The team from National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata emerged victorious and were successful in a tournament which was largely dominated by their Institution. They took back a whopping 1.5 lac rupees to Kolkata and the tournament allowed the PD to turn over a new leaf.


  • National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata



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